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Pam Denniston's Eclectic Collections Home Is Where the 'Art Is

Main Gallery

Jul 18 2015 - Sep 6 2015

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About the artist:

About this exhibit: Pam Denniston often used to say, "There's always room in the house for one more painting." That's at least a partial explanation for an extraordinary collection of art that covers styles from Baroque to contemporary and includes mediums in an equally broad range. 

Selections from her collection fill the Main Gallery for Spiva's current offering, Pam Denniston’s Eclectic Collections: Home Is Where the ‘Art Is. The exhibit opens to the public Saturday, July 18, and continues through September 6.
Work collected by the late Denniston of Webb City covers it all in 3-D art: folk and contemporary sculpture, marionettes from China and France, baskets and art glass, Native American pottery and whimsically painted furniture. Featured paintings and drawings include European work dating to the 1700s and 1800s, as well as contemporary work by such recognized artists as Frank Stella and Theodoros Stamos.
That Denniston would surround herself with such acquisitions is no surprise, considering that she was the daughter of a New York City art dealer. She moved to Webb City in the mid-1970s when her husband, Elliott, accepted a teaching position with Missouri Southern State University.
One of her greatest passions was the region’s folk art, which she collected in many forms. These were among the original pieces she specialized in at The Last Straw, a store she operated in Webb City in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She later worked at the Second Street Gallery in Carthage. In her travels around the world and throughout the Ozarks, she purchased pieces in venues ranging from galleries and art shows to artists’ studios and rural markets.  
Denniston, an exuberant supporter of the arts and artists, died of lung cancer in 2013. Her husband, Elliott, is offering this glimpse of her passion for collecting by loaning Spiva pieces for the exhibition. He also made the decision to sell many of the works on display, noting his wish that "other people will enjoy these pieces as much as we have." 

Pam Denniston’s Eclectic Collections is presented with financial support from the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

John Bremer Tactile Dimensions

Regional Gallery

Jul 16 2015 - Sep 6 2015

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About the artist: John Bremer is a Monett, Missouri, artist who earned an art education degree from Missouri State University, Springfield. He became a high school art teacher and embarked on a 42-year teaching career that was interrupted only by a stint in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

Over the years he had all but abandoned his own artistic career, but after his mother suffered a devastating stroke, Bremer took on the role of caregiver and suddenly found himself faced with long stretches of free time.

"A solution for this wasted time came to me," Bremer says. "I started to do my own art work. Time suddenly became productive studio time." He says his style was born of a resolution to make every day a creatively productive one.

Hands-On Workshop with John Bremer | Saturday, August 15, 1-3pm |
Ages: 14-Adult | Cost: $37
Learn from a current exhibiting artist! John Bremer teaches his techniques to create textural, colorful, eye-popping paintings. Cost includes all materials. Register at 417.623.0183.

About this exhibit: Texture, color and pattern radiate from the walls of the Regional Focus Gallery and spill over into the upstairs hallway outside Spiva's offices for John Bremer: Tactile Dimensions. The exhibition, sponsored by Corner Greer Architects, runs through September 6. 

Bremer’s work features layered geometric and abstract shapes, each covered with textural material and added to the whole to create large-scale works. A variety of painting and rubbing techniques yield the vivid colors that typify his complex, abstract constructions. 

"I like lots of color," says Bremer. "I like the way things can be broken down into simple shapes. I like texture. I like the feel of things--weathered wood, rocks, fabrics, and textures of all sorts. I like things to be organized. So, in my painting, I am compelled to organize my shapes, color, textures into some kind of design." He likens the organization of his colors and shapes to a quilt. 

Bremer created several small works for the exhibit, designing them to be touched for the hands-on, tactile experience implied by the exhibition title.

John Bremer: Tactile Dimensions is presented with additional financial assistance from the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency

Ressie Burrows In a Paper Boat

Upstairs Gallery

Aug 1 2015 - Aug 30 2015

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About the artist:

About this exhibit: Formerly of the Joplin area, award winning artist Ressie Burrows of Duluth, Minnesota, presents a selection of acrylic paintings as well as paper maché and acrylic wall installations and sculpture.

“I was about 11 years old (close to 29 years ago!) when my Aunt, Ranae Brumback, and I took a class from Linda Lindquist Baldwin, the Bellsnickel Santa creator, who was offering a paper maché class in Columbus, Kansas. Since that day, I have never stopped sculpting.

“My grandparents, Alvie and Jeanie Jones, are in an Alzheimer’s Association painting group at Spiva called Memories in the Making®. I met the group this summer while I was down visiting with my family. This exhibit, a surprise for my beloved grandparents, is presented in their honor.”

Ms. Burrows is contributing 100% of her proceeds from the sale of these works to support Memories in the Making®.